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Port Wine Calém Velhotes Ruby

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Port Calém Velhotes Ruby is a young and energic Port wine revealing a deep ruby color and a bouquet of red berries. Its aromas are fruity and young. The palate is soft, elegant and balanced.



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Some history....

The Douro, the oldest demarcated region in the world, grew the grapes. The cellars of Gaia aged the wine. And António Alves Cálem planned the enterprise.

Dauntless, he prepared for an adventure that is still ongoing four generations later. The success of exporting to Brazil opened up the rest of the world to Cálem. As routes multiplied, bolder moves presented themselves — if one were a man of courage. And so Porto Cálem acquired his own navigation fleet. By 1965, Porto Calém’s reputation for fearlessness and grit had made its way around the world along its ships and crews. It was time for the image of the company to reflect that. Hence the iconic caravel being loaded with casks of Port was born, gracing every Calém bottle since. The vision of a great man tends to inspire those around him, and so did the dream of António Alves Calém — for every generation of the family to come. Also in 1965, António Alves Calém Júnior picks up the mantle and officially becomes his father’s business partner and successor to be. The son would replicate his father’s success, soon becoming an acknowledged entrepreneur and a well-known member of society. If his intelligence made him prosperous, his generosity made him dear — as the high public offices he eventually occupied would attest for. The generations that followed worked tirelessly to ensure worldwide recognition. In doing so, the brand amassed numerous awards for elegance, character, and quality in its wines.

A century and a half into its journey, Porto Cálem truly represents the world of wine its founder envisioned.

When you offer Porto Cálem, you toast to the tradition of excellence.

Cálem — a world of wine, a wine of the world!


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75CL - 25,4FL Oz
Grape Variety
Portuguese Natives


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